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Exceptional Shopping

Interiors Consignment is Abilene’s preferred destination when you are shopping for the very best in home furnishings.  With just your first step in our showroom, the expanse of stylish and distinctive items is undeniable.  Carefully vetted consignment furnishings, home accessories and art have made our showroom a favorite for savvy shoppers since 2002.   An ideal shopping destination for exquisite, high-end choices, you will never know what you will find behind the doors, making Interiors Consignment the perfect spot to find one-of-a-kind pieces to complete a design or become the inspiration of the decor for an entire room.

Estate Sale Services

“Interiors Consignment Estate Sale Services provides you the assurance your Estate Sale will be handled with a level of expertise and reassurance rare among most providers.  When I began this business in 2002, I had a single guiding principle in mind: our team would treat every estate with the utmost respect - knowing that the best way to demonstrate respect for your estate is to know its true value and to represent that value in the best way possible to the buyers.  


And that’s how I’ve built this business – by having the integrity and the expertise to maximize an estate’s value in every respect.  


An Estate Sale is a personal and emotional proposition for most families.  We pledge to respect the value of the estate by optimizing the presentation and execution of the sale.  Each sale has its own personality, and we tailor our sales to each client’s needs. We have found we have the capacity to handle a variety of sizes of estate sales, but our specialty has become very large estate liquidations with a wide variety of items ranging from home furnishings to treasured art. Respect also means we work with each client to make sure they understand the estate sale process from start to finish, and we are bound to honor each other’s respective needs.”
- Steve Brittain

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4130 North First 
Abilene, Texas
Open Mon - Fri 10 AM - 5 PM  Sat 10 AM - 3 PM
Closed Sunday


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